12 x 2″ Odd Bods Cupcake Toppers

$10.99$17.99 inc. GST

Option 1: Premium Icing

Your image is printed onto a pre-cut premium Kopykake icing sheet.
This image is top quality and comes pre-cut, follow the instructions provided with your package carefully to remove the image from the backing paper then apply easily to your iced cake. The icing will blend seamlessly to your cake.

Ingredients: tapioca starch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, water, sugar, canola oil, polysorbate 80, Arabic gum, citric acid, sorbitol, glycerine, titanium dioxide, vanilla.
* Gluten and Dairy free, VEGAN

Option 2: Wafer Paper

Your image is printed onto an A4 wafer sheet. You will need to cut out the image using clean dry scissors.
This image is not as high quality as a premium icing sheet. It is semi translucent and so not as bright. It is however very easy to use, simply cut out and apply to cake.

Ingredients: potato starch, water, vegetable oil (olive), flavour, sweetener (E955 sucralose).
* Gluten and Dairy free, VEGAN


· Always keep frosting sheets in a sealed package in a clean and dry location.
· Attach either directly to soft icing or brush water lightly over fondant before attaching.
· Message me directly for any other personalised image toppers.

Toppers will keep for up to 12 months if stored correctly, best used within 3 months to retain vibrancy.




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