Naughts and Crosses

1.5m x 1.5m

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Naughts and Crosses

$35.00 for 3 days hire


Giant Noughts & Crosses is the game that we once use to play on paper. It is also commonly known as Tic Tac Toe or X’s and O’s. The giant version of this game is now perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Kids and adults can have lots of fun playing this game in living room, backyard, lawn or at parks. It is also an ideal game to have at a wedding, birthday party, event or for family fun at home.

Since, the rope board easily spreads out on the ground and measures about 1.5m square. You don’t have to spend any time to set up this game. Also, Each player gets 5 X’s and 5 O’s. The X player usually goes first and in order to win the game all you need to do is place 3 of your game pieces in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. However, there are endless ways to have fun with these Giant Noughts & Crosses. You can even play this game in teams of two and add your own variation to make it more exciting and memorable for events.


Giant Noughts & Crosses Includes:

  • Five X wooden pieces measuring at: 26cm width & height
  • Five O wooden pieces diameter of: 29cm
  • Large Rope Game Board measuring at 1.5metres square
  • Rules Included
  • Overall weight of set = 4kg
  • Comes in a handy carry bag

For Ages 4+ Years


Booking Price: Price is for 3 Days hire. Pick up and drop off is at our address in Cowes. Price does not include delivery or set up at your venue, this can be arranged for an extra fee by prior negotiation.


Booking Deposit: A booking deposit of $50 is required to secure your date.


Bond Fee (Refundable): $100 will be added as a bond fee. Bond will be returned in full on return of our items in same condition.


To Order: Email to check availability.


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