8m x 5m playing field

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120cm high x 123cm wide

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1.5m x 1.5m

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Add signage

A2 with stand


$45.00 for 3 days hire


Kubb game, also known as “Viking Chess”, has been around for many years. However, this game lies somewhere between skittles and tennis. Since, Kubb game is perfect for all ages. It can be enjoyed in your backyard, lawn or at parks near you. Also, it is an ideal game to have for a day out at the beach, camping and for many outdoor activities. The materials used for making Kubb game is of high-quality wood. It is durable, easy to carry and a fun game when played with family and friends. The ideal playing surface is grass or gravel. The overall weight of this game is 4Kg. Enjoy playing this game and create some amazing memories for a life time.


Kubb Game Includes:

  • 1 King: 30cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • 10 Knights: 15cm x 7cm x 7cm
  • 6 Batons: 30cm x 4.5cm diameter
  • 4 Wooden Corner Poles
  • Packaged in a handy storage bag


How To Play:

The aim of the Kubb Game is to be the first side to eliminate all the opponent’s pins. However, if the king is knocked down by a team at any time during the game, the other team shall win immediately. To begin Kubb Game, a player from both teams attempt to toss the baton as close as possible to the King. The baton which lands closer to the king goes first. Players then take turn to toss their baton to knock down opponent’s baton at the baseline. However, a single player cannot throw twice in a row in Kubb Game. After taking down the opponent’s baton only then players can hit the king.


Booking Price: Price is for 3 Days hire. Pick up and drop off is at our address in Cowes. Price does not include delivery or set up at your venue, this can be arranged for an extra fee by prior negotiation.


Booking Deposit: A booking deposit of $50 is required to secure your date.


Bond Fee (Refundable): $100 will be added as a bond fee. Bond will be returned in full on return of our items in same condition.


To Order: Email elaine@elainescakes.com.au to check availability.


Package 1 - 4 in a Row, Jumbo jenga, Cornhole, Noughts and crosses

150 $

Package 3 - 8 games (as shown)

200 $

Package 2 - Giant chess, Skittles, Tug of war, Quoits

100 $