Do you want to know when to order your cake… Are you wondering much notice should you give… The answer to these and many more questions can be answered in our FAQs listed on this page.

No question is a silly question, but I do seem to get asked the same questions fairly frequently. Hopefully this page answers your questions. If we cant answer your question with our FAQs, then please do get in touch.

One question that I can not answer is  “how much are cakes?”… I do get asked this quite regularly. Unfortunately its not easily answered. I have provided cost calculators based on size to give you some idea, and I have also included the budget amount in some of my projects. Beyond that, you will need to email me with your date, number of guests, occasion and venue for an accurate quote.

Most frequent questions:

When should I order ?

Custom cakes require at least 1 month notice or more to avoid missing out on your date and to give me time to plan. Standard cakes only require 24hrs notice.

How do I order ?

Email me with your date, number of guests, occasion and venue. A picture is also helpful or a description of the style of the cake.

How do I pay ?

Payment for custom cakes can be made by cash on pick up or by bank transfer in advance. All online store purchases can be made by credit card, paypal, bank transfer or cash on pick up.

Do you deliver ?

Yes, in some circumstances and by prior agreement only. This option can also be selected during checkout in the online store.

Do you need a deposit ?

Not always, but sometimes. In some cases I will also require payment for the cake at least 1 week in advance.

Other frequent questions:

Where is pick up/ location ?

I work from home from a residential house in the Seagrove Estate. My adress is pinned on Google Maps.

Do you have cakes ready to go ?

No, all cakes are made fresh to order for the date you choose.

How do we store our cake ?

Fondant covered cakes must not be stored in the fridge. They are best stored in a dry, cool area, away from direct heat and sunlight. Buttercream cakes may be stored in the fridge, but please remove 1 or 2 hours before serving.

How do we cut our cake ?

Please see below our cake cutting guide for birthday and wedding cakes.


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