Chloe's Canadian Club Cake

Chloe's Canadian Club Cake

Chloe’s mum, Shelley, ordered this fabulous cake for her daughters 18th birthday. She asked for a cake that looks like a 10pk of Canadian Club. With my new edible printer I was confidant I could make that happen!


I encountered a number of difficulties that I hadn’t anticipated. Firstly, I am usually able to find the images I need online through a Google search, however in this case I could not. So I went to Liquorland and bought a pack! I cut out the panels of the box to scan.


Second problem! My Scanner is an A4 scanner and my printer is also A4. The box was much larger and I wanted to make the cake to scale. After much fiddling, cropping and cutting of sheets, I was able to make two ends of the box separately. Adding a ribbon to hide the seam was a no brainer!


Lastly, the cake was made from vanilla buttercake with vanilla buttercream, which needs to be refridgerated, especially since this was a summer cake! But, the image and the fondant bow do not like being in the fridge. This would make them sweat and absorb moisture from the cool fridge. To rectify this, I added the images and bow to the cake literal last minute to avoid sweating.


I also made the can image from scratch using topperoo designer

I am pretty happy with how the cake turned out and that it was to scale. Many people commented how realistic the cake looked. Bonus, we also have 10 Canadian Clubs to drink! Cheers Chloe and Happy Birthday!


Flavour: Vanilla Butter Cake

Serves: 35+


I also recently made this awesome miniature version for Neil' 30th 

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